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Kelly Ash's smooth, powerhouse vocals, shimmery 80s synth-pop, and thick layer of groove provides the soundtrack to the perfect night out or a laid-back house party.  Unapologetically embracing her pop roots, but pulling heavily from years of jazz training and fronting top-40 dance bands, Kelly’s music is made for those moments when you want to create a good vibe -- whether you’re getting ready to head out to your favorite bar or club, dancing in a crowd with your favorite people, or snuggling up with someone special, or even careening down the mountain on a snowboard.


Kelly’s hard-hitting band of Seattle’s finest includes Andrew Vait (SISTERS, Little Wins), Dave Dalton (Macklemore, 2AM Club), RL Heyer (Your Sweet Action, Big Tooth, Flowmotion), David Dawda (Fruit Bats), and Brad Boal (Nearly Dan, Topline Beats). Incidentally, they’re all also really good friends and have a blast playing music together.



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artist statement

If our experience is built upon our perception of the world around us, then music can provide the soundtrack that colors, influences, or expresses our unique existence in space and time. Music communicates and expresses on a deep, embodied, complex level -- both conscious and subconscious, both concrete and abstract.


 In a world full of distractions, I want to live fully and intentionally. I want to create music that reflects my core values, but also - hopefully - create music that allows me (and the listener) to remember to live in the moment, to be authentic, to have fun, to be curious and open, and to enjoy the precious time we have. I write music that makes me want to dance, that reminds me to cut loose and have fun.… but I also write music that connects with the inner life; to try to find ways to express the nuances of painful, beautiful experiences, to dig deeper and find meaning and integrity, and to explore the depth of relationships. 


I believe in the best in all of us, and music connects us in ways that are mysterious and pervasive. Through my music, I want to “bring the joy” -- connect with people, dance, have fun, and also see the beauty that is all around us and the potential that lies within us. We’re better together, and music is the conduit.

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